How to Get Free Stuff

New to the Freebie World? If you are, then you are in the right place. This site will divulge everything behind the Freebie Sites that claim you can get a Free Xbox 360, Free iPod, Free laptop, etc. with information and proof. At the bottom of the page, you'll find my personal proof and freebie endeavors.

Who are the companies that are giving away Free Xboxes, Free Apple Gear and other Freebies?

- The truth: There are many sites/companies that offer free systems, but some sites/companies are better than others are.

- One of the most trustworthy companies is Transcendent Innovations, Inc. (a.k.a Trainn) and

- These companies, like Trainn and 123StuffForFree, are the middle men for advertisers. chanel handbags They invite people to complete one of their advertiser's or sponsor's offers and are paid by these advertisers and sponsors for each new person or "lead" that completes an offer.

Why do these companies want to give you a free stuff?

- The truth: They make a lot of money doing what they do, and they attract more people when they offer game systems for completing their offer scheme. They aren't giving away all their profits, but they make enough money that they can afford to giveaway game systems.

Alright, so they get paid by advertisers and sponsors, but how do they get these companies to advertise on their sites?

- The Truth: Transcendent Innovations, Inc. (TRAINN) works as an affiliate program. TRAINN partners with many other companies, (such as,, Netflix, for example) who want people to try their products that they otherwise might not have tried.

- This method of getting people to try new trials and services is called Affiliate Marketing and is a well-practiced method by many well-known businesses. If you ever go to sites such as,, or, you will see at the bottom of the page that they have a link for “Affiliate Program”. What I mentioned above is exactly what these big companies are doing as well!!

- The sponsor pays the Freebie company for each person that signs up for their free trial service or some other good.

- The sponsor is willing to pay Freebie company because they hope that people whom sign up for their free trial will stick around and continue using their product. Thus, they hope to increase their market share.

- I suggest you take a look at these two videos. One is a news story from G4 and the other is a NBC News Story.

NBC News Story:

G4 News Story:

Alright, you've convinced me that these freebie companies are legit, so where and how do I get started?

To get your Free Xbox 360 Elite, go here:

To get your Free Playstation 3, go here:

To get Free Apple Gear including Free iPod, Free iPhone, Free Apple TV, go here:

Keep checking back here every couple, as I'm in the process of add more freebie opportunities for you to do!

Freebie Proof:

Personal Freebie Endeavors:

I wouldn't be promoting these sites if I hadn't actually completed and believe that they work. To date I have made $1260.00 from freebie sites.
Here are some of my personal proof pics with more to come once my new camera comes in :) :







volbia said...

this is a lie you posted that we had to complete 1 offer well it turns out most offers give 30 points and you need 800 points thats something like 26 offers, so sign up to 27 companies give them your credit card and pay about $100 or more for this junk, most of which is pointless or wont be useful to majority of people.

Freebies4You said...


you only have to complete multiple offers if you pursue the Points method! Most offers are not valued at 30 points, in fact most offers are valued at 50 points. I understand that if you do the Points method that's a lot of offers to complete, which is why I've NEVER done the points method!

Like my article states, most people choose the Referral Method because it is easier to do and you only have to complete one offer and then refer 6 friends to also complete one offer. If you accidentally selected the Points Method when you signed up, change it to the referral method. Click on the My account tab, Click on the "Change your Account type", and then select the Referral method radio button.